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Kefir & Soup Chat
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Congrats for Pande Mahendra, the winner of Soup Chat Logo Competition 2007, the new logo is on!!!

Soup Chat Logo Competition!
due date: July 20, 2007
Click here to see all the submitted logos

Soup Chat! Hmmmmm...

What is Soup Chat?

soupchat gathering

Soup Chat is a monthly gathering that is open for public.

With a bowl of soup as an appetizer we meet new people, light chat about art, hobby, daily life, discussion and presentation of photos, video art, film, music, artwork, architecture, diving, kendo, kefir yoghurt, alternative currency, Origami and other theme waiting to be discovered.

soupchat gathering

If you would like to serve 'main course' in Soup Chat's next event
please write to:

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